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Hi I am new here, from Texas

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Hi my name is Dan and I just got here, I am from Texas. Now a little about me, I like cars but abosolutely hate Ford, especially Henry Ford II (obvious for anyone who read Lee Iaccoca's AutoBiography), but most of all I hate the Mustang, I think its the most over rated car ever. What I do like is Chrysler (mainly like it cuz its not Ford). Anyway I just joined this site and I am glad to be here because I think this site is perfect for me.
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ok there Dan-O
Hi my name is Dan and I just got here, I am from Texas.

sounds like you spent to much time out in the hot sun playing with the heffers.

good bye Dan :wavey
Hey, now! Let's take it easy on Danny, okay? Don't any of you remember what you were like after your first beer?
I'm sorry, but this guy CAN'T be from Texas! There's just no chance! I'm not too sure he can even be American!Who could hate the Mustang?
Let me guess, you like Chrysler? ......... Probably a Minivan!!! Bet it's REEEEEEEEAL FAST :laughlitt
Say, come back when you can't stay so long :wavey
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