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Hi there

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Hey guys, I'm Mary and I am a new Mustang owner from Virginia! I have a 2000 v6, not perfect condition, but he's on his way. Definitely looking to do some inexpensive mods. Don't want to get anything too expensive done just because I feel like it's not really that worth it to put a lot of work into a v6.


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Welcome to the forum! What did you have in mind as far as the mods go? Intake, exhaust, suspension? Maybe some wheels and tires. Thats what i would recommend
Welcome to the site! Funny seeing you refer to your car as he when most guys refer to our rides as females, never thought of it from the other prospective.
Hi Mary and welcome aboard! Thanks for joining us. You've definitely came to the right place - this site is a great resource with tons of useful information and interesting ideas. Have fun surfing around!
Welcome to the site!!
Welcome Mary, My car is a V6 I didn't a ton put of $$ in her yet but I'm happy with what I have done
Welcome to the site. Maurice
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