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high/low beam 2013 headlights on 2012

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I have bought my 2012 v6 mustang 2 weeks ago and I am looking forward modifying it, I bought these 2013 headlights with no bulbs or xenon modules, bought custom bulbs and modules and it works in low beam that's not the problem.

The problem is if you shift the knob to the high beam the bulbs goes UP and the power goes down, why ? because the 2012 headlights come with low beam bulbs and high beam bulbs separated , when you shift the knob the LOW beam bulbs goes OFF and the HIGH beam bulbs goes ON.

the 2013 has a module that switches between low and high beam which doesn't work plug and play, If anyone could help ? :crying:
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how did you connect them? you need to buy a conversion harness, or make your own, you cant "rig" them, as it seems you may have done, I have 2013 headlights in my 2011 with the proper harness and they work 100% Im not sure how to help you
I thank you for your fast replay

Yes we have just rigged them and installed the xenon bulbs , where can I find the conversion harness?? is it expensive ?
well sadly, the only place that has the necessary harness, is but Joe, the business owner is a piss poor business man, he has been taking peoples money and not sending their harnesses. see if the OP in this thread can help you

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