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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so any help or advice you guys can give I would greatly appreciate...Here is the deal..I just recently traded in my 04 V6 for an 03 GT (Yes! - finally a V8
) with complete exterior (03/04) Cobra conversion kit (except the rear spoiler which i plan to get in the near future). I am from GA and I drove to Orlando to get it. When i saw it in sitting in the lot for the first time it was like love at first I was able to get a good deal for it. I plan on doing some mods this summer to it when i can build my funds back up. The car is an phenomenal condition and could very easily pass for a car with 30-50K miles on it (honestly). The only problem is it has 140K on it
I understand however that if taken care of and not abused (which this car doesn't seem to have been at all) these engines will last 200k plus miles. MY QUESTION IS THIS: the main performance mod I plan on doing this summer is a 2.1L kenne bell supercharger you think having that many miles on the engine is going to be a problem with adding a supercharger??? I know i could look into getting a completely new or slightly used engine, but then I'm going to be spending alot more money. I would love to get an 03/04 cobra engine and tranny but i know that will usually run 7-9k, and thats alot more than just adding a supercharger.

Plus, I've heard that the stock 2V engine that I have usually can handle no more than approx 450rwhp. Is this correct? And if so, do you think having as many miles as i do on my car going to factor into how long I can run a supercharger set up with roughly 400-425rwhp??? (im not really interested in getting forged pistons/rods/etc. = too much money right now)

My current mods include a Borla Stinger Catback w/ o/r H-pipe and an Accufab upper intake with an Accufab t-body too I believe. ONE LAST QUESTION: will the kenne bell setup with these already existing mods put me over the max HP limit for my engine???

Thanks for reading all this and for any advice!
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