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whats most likely cause of not starting if there is no THEFT light on?

  • PATS activated, theft light bulb burned out

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  • Bad fuel pump

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  • disconnected wire, relay, ect.

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  • crank/cam shaft sensor

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Hit potholes, 1998 GT v6 3.8 Cranks, no start

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so i hit a REALLY rough patch of road, pretty much a strip of potholes. my 1998 mustang gt convertible v6 3.8ltr immedieatly died and now will not start. it will crank, but not turn over and run, and i have power (lights locks windows ect, all working fine) Ive checked the emergency inirtia switch and all of the grounds and connections i can think of other than the ground on the gas tank. A stranger stopped to help me and did something under the hood involving the fuel system, and said that what he did had 'cleared the rail' (not sure what that means other than there is now no fuel in the lines since the fuel pump is not running (cant hear it when turn the key to ON) So i had my ex bf came and he hooked it up to his computer thing and ALL of the systems faulted, so he said its the PATS. so unhooked the battery for a minute then reconnected, tried to start, still the same. power, cranks good, but no turnover. so unhooked battery again this time for like 10 mins and reconnected. forceprimed the fuel pump by turning key to on then off a few times, then tried to start. twice i heard what i hope was the fuel pump run, tried to start it, but still no fire up, just cranking. so unhooked battery AGAIN and left over night. WEll this morning the battery is DEAD. almost no power. barely cranks at all and lights are dim, windows barey move, ect. HOWEVER, i was thinking that in every forum i have read where the PATS is the issue the THEFT light on the dash dispay is flashing when tryin to start the car. Mine doesnt come on AT ALL. never has since i bought it (salvage title, was stolen at some point) also,on the dash to the left of the steering wheel where the rear window defroster switch is supposed to be (per the owners manual) is a little round light that usually flashes every few seconds when the car is off... this is no longer flashing, since BEFORE the battery was dead...?? A friend told me a few weeks ago that he thinks there must be/been an aftermarket alarm in it or possibly a toggle switch? at some point becuase it will randomy do a series of three chimes four times, then stops, even when im driving around. this doesnt happen very often tho. So at this point im pretty stumped... going to try and jumpstart the battery when my ex gets here again... just not sure what to expect... im hopeful since i heard the (what i think) was the fuel pump those two times. checked the crank shaft sensor already as well. ANYONE with ANY ideas or experience with this PLEASE help me out! :) many many thanks in advance!!!
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well pretty much have it down to a fuel delivery issue... its eigther the fuel pump or the ccrm or the relay module... possibly just a filter but with my luck its the pump.. going to try the filter first, then the relay and lastly the pump... hoping i can get it runnig by tonight!! gonna need iut!
FWIIW, this is NOT a PATS issue. For the 96+ model year, PATS does NOT disable the fuel pump. So if the fuel pump doesn't run at initial key on, it's not PATS related.

FWIIW2, today's cars will NOT run right without a strong battery and charging system. So if there's any problem with the electrical (dim lights, slow windows), RESOLVE this problem FIRST.

NOTE, it is POSSIBLE to ruin a battery with a strong blow.

Here's a crank with no start check list with more information:

But it does make a difference is this is a "crank with no start" or a "no crank" problem!

For a no crank problem. Focus first on the neutral safety switches. Then make sure in neutral with the wheels blocked and manually jump the start solenoid at the starter to see if this cranks the motor.
Missed that you already checked the inertia switch, so message deletedduh.gif
I almost didn't read that book you wrote; but I did. Looks like the other 2 posters did not.

PATS engaged will let it crank but not start and the light will flash rapidly. You already know the PATS light is burnt out .....why are you not starting there?

Possible PATS scenarios: A chipped key was previously hidden the inside of the column to spoof the sensor and allow non-chip keys or remote start. Pothole dislodged key and sensor is not reading it.

Other possible scenario: Pothole caused a wire break in the column area and the chip signal is not reaching the PCM. Try playing with your tilt wheel angle and see if anything changes.

I don't know WTH this is supposed to mean - "he hooked it up to his computer thing and ALL of the systems faulted, so he said its the PATS" because PATS is totally separate from the OBDII system. Check the ground again, and your battery.
I have seen a few batteries fail after being jarred so its possible that is the cause especially if it was weak to begin with.....I am with wmburns on this one and go with a battery first since it will cause all kinds of problems in these cars....if it does have a aftermarket alarm system its also possible the jarring has tripped it and now its disabled the fuel system but you will not get anywhere else unless you have a strong battery to begin with....Good luck!
What ever it is is directly related to the jarring of the car so it wil be either a key, wire, fuse,etc....Cheapest fix something came loose and just not making a good connection or signal....Worse case is something shorted out and killled a module....Start checking fuses and relays first along with the battery connections and grounds....
This issue just happened to my step-sisters pt cruiser, although she just parked the car and came back to it not starting. Pull on the battery terminal cables, make sure they are actually connected to the battery terminal connector before you go any further.
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