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holley 4160 leak

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Please excuse if this a rerun. I may have posted earlier with same leak.

I am fighting a fuel leak on a Holley 4160 carb. The OEM fuel bowl was warped, and I replaced it. I am still getting fuel somewhere along the bottom of the front fuel bowl.
I discovered another leak around the bottom of the metering plate, where the factory drills out the passage for the accelerator pump. The metering plate had some sort of a pop rivet from the factory. I removed the pop rivet, drilled and tapped the hole, and inserted an allen set screw, along with some fuel resistant gasket maker. But I think it is still leaking around the set screw.

What kind of sealer can I use around the threads of the set screw, that gas won't destroy?

Thanks for your opinion
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Are you sure that the float level being too high is not causing your leak?
Ya, I've removed the little sight plugs on the side of the fuel bowl and the fuel is a little below the hole.
Posting a pic would be really helpful to you here.
The front of a 4160 will have a metering block and the back bowl will have a metering plate.
I'm thinking that you probably need a new metering block now that it's been drilled and tapped. I don't believe that modification is going to work.
What it the list # of the carb on the front of the air horn?
The list # is 500931. Turns out it is a 4180 carb.
Hopefully I can attach the pic of the metering block. The pic is the bottom of the metering block, driver side, and it mounts on the front of the carb.
I talked to Loctite they suggested their 262 locker and sealant.
I've talked to 4 different carb shops, nobody has a new metering block. Several on ebay, but no guarantee they or any better than what I got.
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The numbers on the air horn of the carb are E3ZE-9510-AUA, the corrected list # is 50093, and 3412 is stamped below that. The carb is an OEM item installed on a 1983 Mustang 5.0, with 18K original miles.
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Auto part Plywood

I started this thread/post in hopes of getting help in plugging the hole in the bottom of the metering block. I totally fail to see what difference the list number, part number or whatever, makes in plugging the stupid hole.

Here is another attempt with a picture. I deeply apologize if the pic is not posted in a "standard" way. It is the best this 80 year old, technically challenged mind can do

I would greatly appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE help and advice in stopping this leak.
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