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holley 4160 leak

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Please excuse if this a rerun. I may have posted earlier with same leak.

I am fighting a fuel leak on a Holley 4160 carb. The OEM fuel bowl was warped, and I replaced it. I am still getting fuel somewhere along the bottom of the front fuel bowl.
I discovered another leak around the bottom of the metering plate, where the factory drills out the passage for the accelerator pump. The metering plate had some sort of a pop rivet from the factory. I removed the pop rivet, drilled and tapped the hole, and inserted an allen set screw, along with some fuel resistant gasket maker. But I think it is still leaking around the set screw.

What kind of sealer can I use around the threads of the set screw, that gas won't destroy?

Thanks for your opinion
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Something like this.
It just needs to be gas impervious!

Google it for different sources
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