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hood latch issue

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I've looked back for several months to see if a post decribes my problem, but didn't find one. So, please forgive me if I'm rahashing an issue that has already been talked about.

I've read about the fluttering hood issue at high speed, but didn't give it much thought initially, since I don't drive over 100mph as a rule. I did see mine flutter a bit one day when driving on the highway into a headwind, and although it looked a little disconcerting, I didn't worry much. Figured it was mostly due to the aluminum hood being more flexible than a steel one.

Today, however, I was startled by something a bit more serious. It was a blustery day today, and when driving home from work at about 70mph, a gust of wind hit me and my hood actually came unlatched. Fortunately, the safety catch kept it from coming up altogether, but it certainly got my attention. I pulled over and shut it, and drove the remaining 10 miles or so to my house with no further incident. I don't think it was a case of my not shutting the hood properly, since the last time I had it open was last weekend.

Upon arriving home, I opened the hood to see if there was any evidence of damage to the latch, but there was nothing I could see. I was reassured a bit by the geometry of the safety catch, which is in a hook shape. It appears that unless the screws actually pull out of the safety catch, there's no way the hood will go beyond it and fly up. Still, I don't like the idea of wondering on every windy day if my hood is going to come unlatched again.

I plan to have the dealer take a look at it, but my question to all here is:

Has anyone had this problem, and if so, what was done about it? Also, has anyone had the misfortune of the hood actually flying up, despite the safety catch? I have a scary vision of the hood suddenly flying up, smashing into the windsheild, and my trying to navigate while blinded. :eyebulge:
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Sorry to hear of your troubles, mine have been solid, no flexing.:rolleyes:

Good Luck!
i have some considerable hood vibration, flexing, at high speeds. it is nerver racking for sure. but i have never had my hood latch come undone.

i will say this though. in talking to a guy with a 06 Gt, his hood doesn't flex like the 05's and it may be because of reinforcing in the new hoods. it was difficult to tell for sure, but it felt like the 05 hood is lighter than the 06. probably because of the extra hood reinforcing. maybe 10 lbs.

he pointed this weight difference out to me because he used to own an 05 GT and had some bad hood flex.
I've read about this here before, and I wonder if these hoods were just not adjusted right. When I was going over mine after bringing it home, I had to adjust the front edge for a flush fit for paint prep. I noticed that the tension bumper on the drivers side was set too low, allowing the hood to lift. I adjusted everything, lubed the latches and cable and have never had any problem. There's nothing unique about the S197 hood or latch. It's got to be an assy line adjustment that's causing some hoods to move. Check the front corners of your hood. There shouldn't be any deflection when pressing down. If there is, unscrew the bumper a little at a time until there is contact. Both sides should be about the same number of turns. The hood should easily latch when dropped from about 14-18-inches. These have been my observations, hope this helps.
I've gone over 100 mph a couple times, but i was usually too scared to take my eyes off the road to look at my hood:smoke:
Mine used to flex a lot at freeway speeds (tried 135mph once and it looked like yanking off any moment) but the dealer re-aligned it and no problems for a while. Now 6 mo later it seems to start flexing a little again. Going to mention it on my 15k mi maintenance. Also the trunk trimming is warping and popping off. Even if it was replaced once already. :(
I've made over 550 1/4 mile runs with trap speeds of around 110mph with no problems.

The aluminum hood flaps like a piece of tin in the wind near the base of the windshield but I'm not worried. I'll be installing the Steeda race hood next month.
Thanks, all, for the replies. Since this hasn't happened to anyone else, it seems that it's likely not a bad design, just something going on in my situation.

I probably saw 110 as far as wind, considering I was going 70 and the force of the gust that hit me. Could be due to adjustment. The seams at the fenders all look good, and it's definitely not loose. Could be too tight, though. It takes about an 18" drop to get it to latch. Maybe the rubber bumpers are a bit too high.

Strange, though, when I got home and looked things over, I slammed it down while keeping hold of the front of the hood, rather than just letting it drop. I tested it by pulling up on the front of the hood, and I pulled so hard I was afraid if I pulled any harder that I'd bend the front of it. It stayed latched just fine. Perhaps due to it being a little tight, the last time I closed it it didn't latch all the way (although I drove it a week before it came loose)? I sure hope that's all it is. I find myself looking at the hood too much now instead of the road. Can't afford to be doing that...
Of course, I could always install hood pins, but I really don't want to drill holes in my nice shiny hood...
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