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I am replacing my hood with one from MrBodykit. Is there anything I should watch out for or any tips to help me with hood alignment?
The best idea is to buy from a reputable company to start with. Mr. Bodykit sells a lot of items they have made just for them, and the quality can be spotty.

Some First Tier aftermarket suppliers for body parts are:

Ford Racing Performance Parts

Lots of companies make knock-offs of their designs, but their qualilty can be a headache. The advantage of course is that the parts are cheaper than those available from the First Tier suppliers.

Be advised that buying a "Saleen" hood COULD mean you are getting a cheaper, less well-made imitation.

As for adjustment for fit, my experience with the good parts is that they fit almost as well as the OE Ford items, and need little adjustment.

Dry fit all the parts FIRST, checking for alignment front and back. If the part is short (too much gap is left at the back when the front of the hood aligns properly with your fenders and bumper cover), it must be built-up with fiberglass to match the desired opening size. This is a complex and expensive task at a body shop. If the hood is too long, it will have to be trimmed and then re-filled with finerglass to get it back to the proper shape and length. The same advice applies to the width as well, though it is sometimes possible to adjust the fenders to compensate (there is a little forgiveness with them).

It is not uncommon for it to be necessary to lengthen slots in panels to get the hardware to line up properly. Also, don't count on the new parts to "adjust" to cover distorted body work or warped hood hinges caused by a wreck. Any unibody damage (and this can sometimes be pretty subtle) must be fixed FIRST.

Note that cheaper hoods should ALWAYS be installed with functional hood pins. Unless they are OE quality or better, the latch plates and hinge nuts are NOT strong enough to guarantee they won't fly off at high speeds.

Frankly, making a sow's ear look like a silk purse is NOT the way to go.

I would suggest you make sure to get your parts from a quality supplier rather than try for the cheapest price...

Best of luck.
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