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Horn And Cruise Not Working?!?!

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All of a sudden the horn and criuse control no longer work in my 1987 mustang gt. The horn had been a little touchy and sticking now and then, what could this be? anyone had this problem?
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Make sure it's not a fuse or something simple first, but I'd guess your clockspring. It's the part that connects all the electronics in the steering wheel to the steering column.
Had the same problem, turned out to be the fuse.
Where can I find a clockspring?

I thought only cars with airbags had a clocksprins. Nontheless, here is the best place to find a clockspring for and 87 stang, and how much do they usually cost? I do know for sure the fuse isnt causing this problem.
I'm not sure what they run, I've never shopped for one but usually has good prices on their resto parts.
Could be the contacts between the wheel, and the column. You have to pull the wheel to get to them.
The contacts that revolve with the steering wheel and the
stationary plate they ride on attached to the column are
the clockspring assy as far as I know anyway.

My cruise went South, and I was able to find that assy
by advertising on the various Mustang board classifieds,
emailing guys that were advertising steering wheels, etc,
and looking on ebay and emailing guys that were advertising
steering wheels etc there.

I picked up a good used assembly, both parts, for

Might be good to pick up a used set of buttons/swtitches
in case you need them when you got your steering wheel
assembly apart / off. Found them the same way as I
did the clockspring / contacts.

On my 89, the same fuse runs the horn and the cruise.
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It is a fuse. Does your cig lighter work? If not it is a fuse.
It is definately the cig fuse. I had the same problem after a penny fell into my cig lighter. :kooky:
Horn & Cruise Not Working

I have a 92 GT and had the same problem... I replaced the clock spring and got the horn working but the air bag light was still on and still no cruise. There is a module (blue box) behind your stereo that will also probably need to be replaced to get the air bag working and light to go out. I got one at Pull-A-Part for $5 (dealer price $150). I replaced the blue box and my air bag is working correctly.

As for the cruise I still haven't figured that out yet. I think I may need to replace the switch on the steering wheel. The other thing is the switch on the brake pedal that may be deactivating the cruise too. Still trying to figure that one out.
I had an identical problem. It's definitely the fuse man.
Check your fuse, my gt would do the same thing, I would always drop change in the cigarette lighter and blow the fuse out.
i got the same problem with my 1986 GT ended up disconecting the horn. which fuse would it be?
could also be the wiring to the horn under the hood. Maybe the insulation is worn off and the wire is touching metal.
i had no horn or cig lighter OR cruise...found a blown fuse and went to replace it and the horn is stuck i just pulled it back out and unhooked the cruise AND cig lighter works
there has to be something wrong with my fuse keeps blowing and i dont even have my cig lighter to drop change in...apparently my car just doesnt like me....
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