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Horrible Gas Mileage on my 2003 GT

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Hey guys. First post. I just bought a 2003 gt at the beginning of last month. After getting used to it, I've noticed that I've been getting really bad gas mileage. I've read that im supposed to be getting close to 18/26 (I know that being pretty generous) but I've been getting about about 12 mpg combined. My car has 83,000 miles and I've been running mid-grade gas through it. I just bought new tires, spark plugs, air filter and a fuel filter yesterday and I'm hoping that makes some kind of difference. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help!
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I once had really bad mpg on my old camaro. Changed the fuel filter and it jumped up a lot. Maybe the fuel filter is due. I would put seafoam in the gas tank to
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