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Horrible Gas Mileage

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Right now my 2.3 is getting gas liek its a 5.7L Turbo, well more like under 15mpg, i replaced the usualy, spark plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter and i don't know what it could be.

usually when i accelerate kinda hard or at all you can really smell my exhaust like almsot a burnt gas coming up into the car really bad, would tht be just my exhaust or something worse

also my tach is like cut in half, it idles around 400 and 600 and then it gets to like 35mph in first with the tach reading 2500. i heard that it could be my ignioton control modual and i also heard tht could hlep with my gas mileage

but if i cant get this stuff fixed i might have to put my ford mustang up for sale even tho i love it i cant affort 15mpg and espeiccal when i can almost beat it on foot

any help would be appreciated
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what year is the car, 1979-86? or 1987-93? if it is a carbureted model, it very well may be the ignition module.
its a 93 FI
I had the same problem with the same car. I had to change the DIS ignition module. It's pricier than I thought it should be, about $120. But it's just two screws and some grease to put it on. And now it runs fine.
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