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Horse Power at the wheels.....

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hey guys.....I know that Ford rates the 2006 GT's at 300 horsepower.....

Im pretty sure that this rating is from the crank....I was just wondering what a stock GT puts out at the wheels......
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Around 265 at the wheels. Give or take a couple in either direction depending on the car.
In a past MM&FF , they got around 280:shrug ,
Yea, well they also got 15rwhp out of a BBK throttle body....nuff said.
Id say about 270-280 depending if it's a stick or auto.
mine laid down 272 rwhp and 293 rwtq stock
I concur, from what I've been reading its somewhere around 280 HP.
On November 19 I got my stock mustang dynoed: 280 rwhp. Check attached chart. I also posted an article on my weblog that contains a video of the event:


Horsepower TV dynoed an auto at 255 rwhp. 45 hp loss through the driveline, thats probably not too far off for an automatic. i took automechanics and we had a twin roller dyno. seeing anywhere from a 30 to 60 hp loss from crank to tire on an auto was common. about 20 to 40 for a stick. after adding the K&N intake, flowmasters, and a 75 shot of ZEX they got 336 rwhp. 81 hp total. not too bad. got 7 from the flowmasters, 12 off the K&N and the rest from the ZEX. no reflash either. supposed to have another episode on that. up the 75 to 125 with an SCT tune.... cant wait... :happyhapp
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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