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Houston, mixed signals at Tommie Vaughn

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Houston appears to have 2 FRPP places, one with a stand alone warehouse, and one without. So today I visited the offsite FRPP place near Tommie Vaughn. This is located on Shepherd, between I10 and 610, near the Heights.

From what I was told there, warranty covered a FRPP tune for the normal warranty period, but I was told to visit the actual shop at the dealership and talk to one of the service writers. I got mixed signals from both guys concerning the warranty of the tune. The service writer told me the tune was covered for 12 months/12,000 miles.

Maybe I was misunderstood on some thinking. Coming from the Pontiac family, we never had anything remotely as good as FRPP, so this is a new world to me. My thinking was this, if it's Ford sponsored and Ford installed, it's covered under normal warranty, unless noted. If not, why not just get another tune from a well recognized tuner. The one thing I read and understood is that Ford backs up their warranties with their parts when they do the installs.

When I got home, I called FRPP and he told me that the dealership was wrong, that the FRPP tune was good to go, if Ford installs it.

At the end of the day, the warranty on the tune never really bothered me. What bothered me was nobody seemed to be actively 'in the know' about any part the FRPP program. There are only 2 dealers in the whole Houston area, and this one today failed miserably with their knowledge of the programs and how they relate to the warranty. I was under the assumption that there should some sort of person working for these two dealerships that are really educated on the FRPP programs and can answer any question.


About Houston, who are the 'go to' guys to do things like header and shifter installs and tunes?

I was thinking G Force in Pearland, and still may go with them, however they seemed to not care for the MGW shifter, favoring the Steeda, but from what I've read the MGW is the way to go. G Force is basically a GM shop mainly working on Vettes, CTS-V Caddies, G8, GTO, and Camaro's, but they've done a few Mustangs. I do trust the owners and mechanics at G Force without reservation, however I'm looking for a place the specializes in coyote GT's.
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What are these two locations for FRPP? I'm local as well and would like to know the same info
One was at Tommie Vaughn near the Heights, the other was Mac Haik near I10 and Beltway 8 west, near Memorial city mall.
Bump for Houston area guys who are willing to share some information.
A lot of guys use Fastlane. They're a little pricey I think. But apparently they do really good work and carry a lot of parts. I'd call them and check them out. Fastlane Turbo.
Just do not go to Strictly Performance in pearland.I have heard nothing but bad things about them,and when I went the owner Richard was truly just a sales man trying to talk me into spraying my brand new car......

A lot of people on this side of town recommend PSI Motorsports... They are off of hwy 3 near nasa rd 1.
Anyone want to purchase a procal tuner and kn filter?
A lot of people in my Mustang club use PSI off of Hwy.146 and FM 518. I have heard good things myself.
Im on a local Houston forum. Auto adrenaline and Chris's Car Doc are 2 of the most talked about/recommended around. For tuning i would just go with a mail order tune from AED or Lund. Slaters in atascocita installed my friends headers amd offroad X for 600 on his gt500 and did a good job. Shifters are a DIY job if you have tools/time.

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