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How are cherry bomb mufflers for sound?

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I was at Pep Boys and they had cherry bomb mufflers for sale or clearance or something for $22! They said the Cherrybomb Glasspack mufflers were the loudest of the cherrybombs. I was wondering how they were, and if anybody else had any experience with them. Is there any other cheaper mufflers with a nicer sound than them?
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You get what you pay for. I personally would go with Flowmaster 40 Series. I just have a single Flowmaster and I think I sounds great. It only cost me $100 installed.
glasspacks do not sound very good on a v6. Flowmaster will give you the best sound out of a v6 imo. Probably the best thing you can do is go to an exhaust shop and have them cut off your y pipe and have them make you an h pipe. then get two flowmaster 40 mufflers and it will sound good. However if you are short on cash then just go with a single flowmaster it will sound much better than any glasspack.
I dunno, I looked it up on youtube, I like it.... It may not be the most typical "mustang sound" but I like it a whole lot better than my stock. I personally liked it loud. I also looked up the flowmasters, I still think I like the glasspack sound better.
What size inlet and outlet are the stock 00 pipes?
hey, if you like it, then thats all the matters. its your stang, not ours. i personally love the flowmasters but thats jus me. i dont like the ricer sound.
I don't mind if my car turns out to be a ricer, doesn't bother me none... I'm not looking to race and I like my gas mileage. I mean, I will probably do a couple performace mods, but I'm not looking to go crazy.
oh and what length should i get? 18", 22", or 26"???
Get exhaust cut-outs:bigthumbsup You might go deaf after a while though lol.
lol, i don't think i need anything that loud... I think the cherry bomb will do just fine :bigthumbsup.... i just need to figure out what length I need and what size.
Talk to a muffler shop and they will figure out what exact size you need and recommend.
get a 26 inch 2.25 inlet and 2.25 outlet....
just curious, why the 26 inch?
ewwwwwww thats all i gotta say about cherry bombs but hey if you like them then thats you..
well, i like the way they sound on youtube, but for $22, if i put it on and don't like it, i'll just take it off.
the longer the glasspack,the more resonance it makes and the deeper the tone.
oh, ok, well thanks alot for the help.... I've asked on a few forums now and all people have to say is crap about me having a ricer now.... But I don't care, I like the sounds, I just wanted to know a couple things. A 26 shouldn't have a problem fitting right?
Well you never know unless you try it out. People said that my exhaust set-up was going to sound like crap on my V8, Flows and Pypes o/r X, but it actually came out pretty nice and it sounds great. Then now the people who said it would sound like crap were agreeing it sounds nice and the others didn't have anything to say:) Just try it out man, you never know, it might sound better:bigthumbsupGood Luck.
They sound like this:

YouTube - Dads car on the Dyno

Yep, that's my car on the nitrous......
That's a cherry bomb?
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