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how big is too big?

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hey everyone i was thinking about swapping out my girly stock 16x8 rims on my 05 stang for some manly 18x9 bullit style rims, but i have a few questions on tire size. first off im pretty sure the ideal tire width for a nine inch rim is 255 mm but im not sure, the problem is the tire that i want only has 235 and 275 sizes in stock... will a 275 tire fit on a nine inch rim? and if so will it look dumb? or will it look hellaflush with some fatty tires on there:gringreen.. also i was wondering if a 275 tire is too wide for the front and will it rub when i am at full lock? any experience with wide tires up front or advice would be awesome, thanks!
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I would go with staggered instead of 275 on front and rear. Check with some of your local shops. There are a couple around here that will put the tires on and let me see what they look like before I buy them.
so you would go with staggered tire sizes on the same size rim? so like 255 up front 275 in the back?
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