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how can i make my 289 better??

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i have a 64 ford fairlane. I am going to be rebiulding the motor in January and would like to customize it. I am a student so i have somewhat limited finances - around $2,000.... What are some things that i can do to increase HP and get better performance while still having it somewhat practical for daily driving??
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Hmm...Summit's Performer cam clone or a Comp XE256H cam, springs matched to the cam, 500cfm 4bbl, DIY ported heads, a PerformerRPM or Wieland Stealth intake, and exhaust headers? Would be a fun little car! :D

$100 intake used
$100 carb used
$120 cam & lifters
$120 springs
$60 head porting materials
$150 TriY headers

300 FWHP and spinning the tires on command? Getting 21MPG? = Priceless :D
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