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One of the biggest improvements you can make is to the heads.
Questions that need answering:
1. Do you need the hardened exhaust seats installed for the un-leaded gas?
If so then while you are getting that done up the valve sizes. 194 Int 150/160 exhaust, new guides in there too, and posi lock seals.
2. Should I have a shop port and polish or will I do it myself? (This is a must do regardless of whom does it. Major performance increase for a bit of elbow grease)
3. Should I change the cam?
Bear in mind your budget. A cam change will involve Springs, Pushrods (Need hardened ones now), and new lifters. Also to up that cost you can go roller arms, solid, guide plates, studs.

Regardless you need to up the heads, but watch your budget and preplan costs and time.
Or next thing you know your budget is in the red.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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