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How do I know if my 1983 mustang turbo gt is real and not a clone?

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I bought this 1983 mustang turbo gt off a lady for $300 it has the mustang turbo gt emblems and whatnot all over it and the turbo gt hood scoop. She said she bought it from the factory and I believe her but I would really like to see if its the actual turbo gt because if it is it's rare. My question is- is there a vin decoder out there that says it's a mustang turbo gt? Because when I ran the vin on a few websites they came up with the mustang gl or mustang glx. I really dont know but if someone will help me I'd appreciate it. thanks
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pop the hood, if there is a turbo 4 cylinder under there, i'd say you got a pretty good chance its a real one
I'd consider it even more likely since there's not really a history of people cloning Turbo GT's

In this case and with all Fox Mustangs, rare does not mean valuable, it just means rare.
That was quite helpful.

Go over to foureyedpride forums and post up you VIN and question there. There are quite a few GT Turbo folks over there to help you out.
pop the hood, if there is a turbo 4 cylinder under there, i'd say you got a pretty good chance its a real one
A gt clone would probably go for exactly the same price as a real one. Brian pointed it out perfectly, fox bodies are totally worthless. But they are darn cool IMO and they are fun as heck to work on and drive!

In 1983, it should be EFI turbo right? So if there is a T3 hangin off the side of the engine, you're golden. Who would want to clone an 83 GT anyways, when it only makes 150hp? lol

I think your good to go. NOW POST PICTURES!!!

are there any foxbody clones anyway???
the saleen clones and cobra clones. (fairly uncommon) and the infamous GT clone i would say is the most popular. (pretty common) or the 86 body style to the 90-93 body style clone. seen that one done many many times.
thanks for the replies guys! yes its the efi with the t3 on the passenger side of the engine bay. I would post some pics but im new to the forum and I dont know how...I havent seen clones of this car but I live in a small town anyway and I'm not to familiar with fords, but im getting there. ;)
Sorry...another old thread dug up...

Yes, you can ID a Turbo GT (1983-1984) by the VIN.

A VIN engine code (8th character) of W in 1983 or 1984 is a non-intercooled EFI turbocharged 2.3L (Turbo GT).

That non-intercooled EFI turbo 2.3 was the only engine in the Turbo GT and the Turbo GT was the only Mustang with that engine in '83 and '84. Any "decoder" that says a W-code engine in '83 or '84 is anything other than a Turbo GT is wrong.
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