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how hard to rebuid?

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Now that I've gotten the motor running in my 68 mustang, I think the trans is shot, I tried all the gears and the car didn't move. how hard are autos, to rebuild? I have never tried one before, I mean I can remove a trans and replace it but never opened one up before. how do I know what type it is to begin with? also what years can I get a trans that will bolt right up with not alot of extra stuff needed, its a 3 speed automatic by the way. Thanks alot guys..
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If it's a small block it's more than likely a C-4 and if it's a big block it's probably a C-6, depends on whats been done to it over the last 38 years.

My general rule is if your mechanically inclined, can read a book, are organized and methodical, you can do anything!

Having said that, an automatic transmission has alot of parts in it. From your initial questions and the simple fact that you have to ask what transmission you have (and please don't take this personally, I really don't mean to make this sound nasty or put you down, I'm just trying to get you thinking realistically) I would say tearing a transmission apart would not be in your best interest. You could always pull it out and take it to a trans shop and then re-install it, that would save you some money.

Shop around on trans shops too. Prices can be all over the place. If it's real low, make sure to investigate what they will or won't be replacing for that price and what "extra" parts may be tacked on after they start. Check for references and maybe the BBB.

Also what rear gears do you have in the car and what are your plans with the car down the road. What cam do you have and what is your rear tire size. The reason I mention this is that a good trans shop will always have you replace the converter when they rebuild the trans and if you do that you may want to buy a converter with a little more stall. They'll want to know the above questions. More stall will give you a nice "take off". Be realistic and don' t get carried away though.

And remember, before you do anything, it may be worth a tow to a trans shop for an inspection. Sometimes a "no go" can be a very simple issue!
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I agree with all of the above. And if you replace the converter(which you probably should if it's the original), step up the stall to the next highest than stock. Ford made them unreasonably low for some reason(somewhere I heard like 800 RPM?). Anyway, even if you're running a stock cam, one step up won't hurt anything and it will make a significant difference in your performance.

But yes, mods to your motor will dictate what should be done to your transmission besides the basic rebuild. If you have an aftermarket cam, it probably says on your cam card(or if you lost it, just look the cam up on the net) what stall you should be running. And those are pretty accurate so I'd go with that. Most cam companies are credible in that respect(Crane, Comp, Lunati, etc.)
Get a rebuild one save the agravation

Call some of the larger auto parts dealers, you can get a rebuilt C4 with a 12 month 12,000 warranty for $469.......I was thinking of rebuilding too, but I would rather be driving.....
Don't jump to conclusions. you never said anything about looking at your tranny and troubleshooting. Does it have the right kind ofg fluid? (type F) and what does the tranny filter look like?

You may just need change the filter in the tranny.
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