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How is the Throttle valve cable set on an 86 AOD?

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'86 GT 5.0L AOD
How is the cable that goes from the throttle to the AOD properly set?
The locking latch came loose and I now need to set it correctly. At first I had it totally wrong, 'cause wouldn't shift from 1st 'till around 45-50 MPH. I am adjusting it gradually and now it seems to be shifting pretty well. Was just wondering if there was a setting test that could be made similar to the voltage setting of .98 VDC on the TPS?
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If you set it a notch tighter, for instance, your upshift
rpms will go up a little and your shifts will be firmer.

If you back it off a notch, the opposite.

Many guys go up a notch.

After I installed my shift kit, I had to
go to around 40 lbs instead of the 33
to make the shifts firm and get the
upshift rpms right.

I just used a decent oil pressure gauge,
graduated with quite a bit of space between
the numbers so you can get a decently
accurate reading.

It's hard to get at - if you don't want to mess
with a gauge and all that, do like the above
post says and start out by just taking all the
slack out of the tv cable at idle - obviously
you've got to recheck that if you change your
idle setting. If it seems a little soft, go out
one notch and see how it acts.

Just FYI, here's a little info you can do to
help even a stock AOD live longer and
perform better even behind a stock motor.
(Using the first part of the info for
mild/moderate performance)
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