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How many brake options were available for early 1965 -1966 Mustangs?

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I'm working in an auto parts store and I'm looking into fully understanding the different brake options that were available for early mustangs. So for starters, on early 1965 and 1966 mustangs, what different drum brake options were available at the time, and what models would most likely have these options?
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There was inline 6 drums that was 4 lug and small then v8 drums that was 5 lug then the disc brakes that was it.The disc even on a Shelby was the same ones that a standard mustang used.If your looking for a upgrade there is the aftermarket but most make you run a 17 inch rim to clear the brakes.
You also had manual drum and power drum brakes across all models. Disks were only available in manual.
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