The mechanics at Late Model Restoration have a plan to bring a 2004 Mustang GT back to its former glory. But before that, they have to figure out what they’re working with. 

The car was owned by one of the people in the shop and is, apparently, in worse condition than the hosts remembered. So before setting to work restoring and adding a few modifications to this Competition Orange car, they decided to put it on the dyno.

From the factory, the ’04 Mustang GT made 260 hp and 302 lb-ft of torque. After 16 years and the equivalent of more that seven trips around the equator, the car still makes 218 hp and 264 lb-ft of torque.

Now, we all know that dynos are more of a comparison tool—meaning that you're meant use one twice with two states of tune, but numbers can vary from dyno to dyno. But it’s still interesting to get a rough estimate of how much power a car loses over the course of a decade of and a half of wear and tear. 

We’ll be excited to see how much power LMR can wrangle back into this engine over the course of their work. Sometimes, even just cleaning out the fuel lines and giving the engine a tune up can help bring power levels back to near their former glory. 

Whatever the case, it’s worth remembering next time you’re at the lights that time affects us all. So remember to keep things tuned and clean before your try to impress your buddies.