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how much should i ask for mymustang?

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unfortuneatly im gonna sell my mustang its the ninth foxbody ive owned. i love the car i just wana get the extra cash to finish my cougar project. my cars an 89 coupe with a 32valve 4.6 dohc mark viii motor . it was a road race car has a kirk bolt in cage hydroboost brakes and mach 1 suspension and front and rear rotors . the cars gutted no interrion aluminum door panels boltin cage a harness a hollow dash hollow bumpers etc.. should weigh more than 2500lbs. has the mach 1 rear 3:73s offroad x pipe and flow masters . adjustable crank trigger . it comes with a 3rd link suspension set up that i removed cause its for road racing im into drag racing. im just not a a huge fan of 4.6s i know 5.0s like thee back of my hand. the cars got a built 40rw trans with mild stall and shift kit. it runs and drives great and gets 20 plus miles per gallon. just trying to get a ball park figure as to what i should expect im gonna post on craigslist this week and possibly ebay. i know its worth a lil bit of money as the swap was done right. it was done at a ford dealer in west virginia by a master ford tech.any helps appreciated
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I'm going to go ahead and add this.................................

yeah i will . gotta get a photobucket account . pics coming late tommorow night
finaly some pics well atleast a link to the pics i have of it. im selling localy too if any one wants it Ford : Mustang | eBay
dead beat bidder. i will be reposting it shortly
WOW only $2850 and he was a faker huh sorry to hear that.
wow, thats really a niche car, you need a bracket racer to buy it, or just a weekend warrior, I'd be surprised if it pulls 3500 on a great day, theres just no fit or finish to it, good luck:bigthumbsup
wow no fit or finish? the motor actually looks like it belongs in the car the picaint the greatest. ive sold it twice on ebay now and sum sh i t always happens. the first time a girl thought it was a 5.0 . the second time a guy bidded on it and another one and won the other one first so he didnt have the money for it. at this point i dont care if i lose money . the first 2600 gets the car!!
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here is the relist again! i also have 85 gt intterior i was gonna put in the car that will sell seperate Ford : Mustang | eBay
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