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There are a couple of reasons for buying a car spoiler. Some people add it for a sportier look, while others strive to enhance aerodynamics. Whichever your goal, keeping in mind the basics of spoiler design and operation is always a good idea when shopping for a spoiler for your pride and joy.
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How to choose a car spoiler?
1. Know your needs
If your primary goal is a sportier look for your car, don’t spend the pretty penny for a high-performance carbon fiber spoiler or a similar one. Choose a spoiler made of ABS plastic, polyurethane, or fiberglass. They are way cheaper but will do the job just like their more expensive counterparts. On the other side of the coin, you should not compromise on the spoiler’s quality if you’re looking for a way to increase your top speed and improve stability at high speeds.
2. Choose the right type
By the place of installation, spoilers can be divided into the roof, trunk, and bed spoilers. As their names indicate, the first ones mount onto the roof, trunk spoilers fit onto the trunk, while the other ones are attached to a truck’s bed.
3. Chose the way of installation
Depending on the spoiler, it can be secured onto your vehicle with 3M tape, bolts, or special brackets. In the first case, you don’t need to drill or modify your trunk or roof in any other way. Just clean the surface, attach the spoiler, and you’re done. In the case of a bolt-on spoiler, you’ll have to drill your trunk’s lid or roof to install the spoiler. As for the bracket-mounted spoilers, they do not require any kind of drilling, although they will fit only some specific makes and models.
4. Choose the right color
While many spoilers come unpainted and just powder-coated, some manufacturers do offer to paint their spoilers to order. If you’re about to purchase a custom-painted spoiler, do your best to provide the manufacturer with the right color code. Also, keep in mind that a spoiler painted in your original color may not match the rest of the vehicle because of the paint fading due to UV rays.
5. Choose the right shop
Now when you know the main shopping tips, take the most important one. Shopping at a reliable store like Truck&Gear will allow you not to keep the others in mind. Our sales representatives will guide you through the shopping process to ensure complete satisfaction with both our products and services.
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