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How to clean oem grill

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almost always when i wash my car, the grill and other black plastic parts are not clean at all, i mean, they are not as black as they supposed to be..

how do you clean your grill? do you go hole by hole or use some sprayed product?

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i use some "son of a gun" it makes the black look really good but dont get it on the paint it will make it look like there is oil on the paint kinda like a rainbow paintjob wierd and takes a good hand wash to get off :laugh:
I have cleaned it hole by hole before. I usually just give it a quick once over and it is fine.
Does the grill get as black as you want when you go hole by hole? If not, the plastic may need restoration. Plastic is affected by sun and uv rays, etc., just like paint. How old is the grill?

Auto detailing forums cover this topic often...
try back to black by mothers
I agree with IansBAJ, mothers back to black is a great product. another option is to get the mach delete! never have to worry about those holes ever again
I attach a sprayer to the Back-to-Black bottle so I can mist it on the grille and cowl panel by the windshield -- I use a sweeping motion, spraying lightly. I let it sit for a bit and wipe off the excess with a microfiber or sometimes simply let it dry.
I have this long brush that looks like a bottle brush that I bought at AutoZone and it works really well for cleaning the grille hole by hole. After I clean it, I put Mother's Back to Black on it... hole by hole. Takes forever. :so

'Tis why I'm getting one of those Stack Racing black billet overlay grilles soon. All I'll have to do is wipe that one down. It'll save me at least 20 minutes when I wash the car.
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