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this is 66 mustang coupe with a versi 9".

Parts list: lokar staineless e-brake cables, lokar chrome handle and clevis.

rear disc brake set up

made a braket out of 1/8" steel and attached to the existing 9" spring perch braket

routing the lines for the ebrake in the stock locations up to the center lever

next- is finding the correct mounting point for the lever.

one thing that should be done when installing a center pull e brake lever is to reinforce the floor where you will cutting the hole.

Here we show the plate and where it will be welded to the center trans hump for reinforcement.

this is how the boot cover plate will attach to the newly installed reinforment plate.

rear picture of the cables

completed with clevis

now all you need to do is apply undercoat, install carpet and install boot cover.

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