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How to replace headlamp housing

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I have a 1989 Ford Mustang LX & i cant figure out for the life of me how to get my headllight housing out, i brought a replacement 6 piece set to go in place of the stock light housings but i cant get them out. I see all the screws that hold the light in & like 5 or 6 stick out behind the engine but I dont see a bolt head to unscrew, i jus see a 6 threaded screws sticking out with no head. please help, i want to take the entire headlight assembly out & put new headlight & housing back in.
Fox Mustang Restoration :: Products these are the replacement lights
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there are 10mm or 11mm nuts holding the lights to the bumper header 2 for corner marker and directional and I believe 3 for headlight
i took those off already & the lights dont move because there area a bunch screws coming from the lights going through some kind of rubber O ring then though the grey bumper header then out to the back. those are what i cant get off. if you would like ill take a video & point to the 1s im talking about
lets see a vid, cause those nuts is what holds them in
i got the headlights out & replaced i put in the HID kit as well. this is what i discovered you gotta pull the outside 1 out first then then work your way in as in outter light middle then inner light. i think because the car has been sitting for so long the light was just stuck thanks for advice.
i do have another issue though you know that grey cylinder thing that twist onto the back of the housing to lock the headlight bulb in place? i broke he fins on the inside. where can i buy that grey piece at i cant find it anywhere

Search through the catalog for '89 Ford Mustang LX 2.3, then look for Electrical-lamp and socket, then Headlight Bulb retainer.
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