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How to tap into trunk wiring of 2013 GT?

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I would like to add a couple of LED light bars inside the trunk of my 2013 GT to get more light. The problem is I don't want to tear up the whole trunk to get to the wiring nor do i want unsightly wires showing. Since I want the LEDs to go on and off with the trunk light, I need to tap in the wiring at the bulb. Not sure how the paneling comes apart. Any ideas?

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Page 2 has the wiring diagram:
Ford Service Manuals - Wiring Diagrams

Looks like you need to find the yellow wire with green stripe. It's a 10amp DC circuit, so make sure that it's going to be safe for your LEDs, or you will need some kind of transformer.
Thanks for the inputs. I ordered these lights and got today. Plan to install this weekend...

joe C.

1/2 meter 30-LED Light Tube with 3-Chip LEDs | Light Tubes | Accent Lighting | Super Bright LEDs
I installed pretty much the same thing in my trunk as well. Turned out great, and VERY bright. I got the ones that are flexible, and have adheisive on the back, so they will just stick to the top of the trunk. Should turn out great.:bigthumbsup


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I put in rgb light strips with a 3 dollar controller from eBay. Just wired into trunk light with some 18ga wire and scotch locks. Super simple.

Bottom of page 3.
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