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How to tell Flowmasters installed on my 2004 Mustang GT?

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Okay, so I've recently upgraded from my 03 V6 to an 04 GT. It's got 8k on it, and I managed to do a trade in and only up my payments by $20. It's basically my dream car that I couldn't afford three two years ago when I settled on the 6 cylinder.

Here's the question........Under my hood, there is a FLOWMASTER sticker. The dealer didn't mention Flowmasters, but they got it at an auction from what I understand.

I don't know if it's safe to assume I've got Flowmasters based on that sticker, but how can I tell? My buddy thinks it sounds different than his 99 GT, but I'm not sure. I haven't been able to get a good look underneath yet, but it would be nice to know what I'm looking for once I do.

Any advice? tips?

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If it has Flowmaster mufflers they will be stamped "Flowmaster".
My 2002 GT had Flowmaster 40Series Catback already installed when i bought mine. The dealer didnt tell me anything about it. I noticed because theres a small flowmaster decal in front of the rear tires at bottom of panels just before the plastic skirt starts.

I knew something was up with mine because i have heard GTs and mine was far to rumbly. When i got home just as i saw on the sticker i looked under it and all piping after cats were flowmaster. hrmm saved me a few hundred bucks thought lol... got a good deal on my 02 .....20,000miles 13,900.

Just get under it and the mufflers will look pretty big and more squareish and have flowmaster stamped on them like Dollarbill said. Look at my gallary and you will see a pic of the muffler and what it should look like.

Good luck
Also, Flowmaster "Super 40s" will be black anodized aluminum. Stock muffs are stainless (not polished though), regular Flows are aluminum.

Flowmasters should be NOTICABLY louder than stock. Having just switched from stock to Super 40s, I can tell you that at 1900-2100 rpm under light acceleration, the car will be loud enough so that you'll have to speak up to talk to a passenger. The stockers never get that loud except at WOT.
okay, thanks for the info guys. I think it's safe to say I don't have I just need to remove that damned sticker!.........or get some Flowmasters
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