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How to Turn Off Rear o2 Sensors ?? HELP

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I'm having trouble with my check engine light coming on. I'm getting the code that bank 1 sensor 2 is not responding. I have a 97 gt with no cats and x-pipe. I installed new MIL eliminators yesterday and after 37 mile the darn cel came back on. I was told I may have a bad wire on this sensor or a computer problem. Question is: I heard there is a way to turn off the rear sensors and I might get a correct reading then? Any helps and hints would be greatly appreciated.

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You need a tuner or a flasher program like SCT to disable the rear 02's. If you have the original 02's it could be the 02 itself malfunctioning. To eliminate if it is an 02 or a MIL I would swap mils and see if it happens. If it comes on as bank 2 sensor 2 It is the mil, if it comes on bank 1 sensor 2 it could be the sensor.
Hope this helps
I replaced the sensor with a new one and it did the same thing. What tuner or chip would you reccomend for this? If I disable the rear o2 sensors will this correct my problem? Also I noticed at low rpm and around 40-50 mph it seems to surge a little like the fuel mixture is not quite right. If I drive the crap out of it, it runs great.

Either a Diablo Predator or SCT Xcalibrator will turn off the rear O2 sensors also any custom burned chip using software from either of those companies will do it as long as you tell the tuner that's what you want. When the CEL comes on with a O2 sensor fault, the ECU will alter the A/F ratio to try and compensate for the code, it's not perfect so your A/F ratio more than likely is a bit jacked up right now with the CEL on from that code.
MILs are the biggest waste of money in the world. They never work.
Mine do. No issues with them.
Mine worked just fine. I even found a wiring diagram for them a couple of years ago and considered making my own, but then I realized how hard it would be to make the whole assembly waterand heatproof.
Mine worked fine until a month ago. I replaced them with steeda ones and it still did it. Using the diablosport predator solved it though :)
You need a chip or programmer capable of turning off the rear O2's... I know for sure that SCT does.

I only disagree with blackfang on the fact that he said bank 1 sensor 2 could be the just the sensor... When it's sensor 2, it's a downstream O2 sensor
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