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HP with this combo ??

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I had a bunch of links posted but they all took you to the same thing. gimme a lil while and i will put everything on here. All summit part #s
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Block - fms-m-6009-b347 Questionable, depends on if I find something simalar
heads - edl-77189
Valve train - cca-k31-226-3
Intake - edl-2921
Carb - edl-1411
Dist - msd-8352
Coil - ??
Headers, 2 1/2" dual exhaust, flowmasters, x-pipe, no cat.
If I am missing anything please recomend stuff. Also I am pretty sure everything is compatable but if it isnt let me know please.

Still looking for the car. I would like to find between a 1980 to 1983 mustang.
probably 325 to 350 at the fly wheel........

hotwheels of insanemustangs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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