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Hydrocarbon filter

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OK - so I removed my C&L CAI to have it polished. While it's out I'm running my Steeda box with the factory tube. How do you get that Hydrocarbon filter out of the tube? Can you do it without destroying it?
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Use the search function for hydrocarbon filters. Someone has mentioned how to remove them on previous threads I believe.
I stuck one of those Craftsman flathead screwdrivers, the one with the square shaft, through it, gave it a twist, and pulled it out very easyly. no damage at all.
Thanks - I guess I'm just weak. I'll give it another try :eyepoppin
I used needle nose pliers and wiggled back and forth -- first on one side then the other side. I finally got it out in one piece. Mine was a really tight fit. After all that, I was told you don't really need it :) so it sits on the shelf.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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