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hydrolic roller lifters

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Kinda worrried now my engine builder brought up that my ford racing lifters may not be enough.. since my cam calls for 170 on seat pressure.. he said if i didn't have a good lifter it would just mast it easy and not run right.... anyone know of some good lifters with stout plungers?
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just so happened to get this email from comp cams today:
COMP Cams: Short Travel Race Lifters; Ford Small Block
cant return them?

if not,post them on the corral,someone will buy them
ive had em a few months? think they would take em back they're still in the box brand new.
i dont see why not? where'd you get them from? summit will let you return anything...long as you have the receipt
got them from 50resto.. how would i go about it im sure i have the invoice on my email? that work or the transaction on my online banking.
they have a section here..why dont you post there and ask?
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Well just be ready for a little valvetrain noise but there is no way around it. I got those lifters and some comp gold rockers and they make a little noise.
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