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I am officially part of the group

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I put in an order on Aug. 12, and was tired of waiting... After calling alll the dealers starting in FL and working up to Tenn. (I live in OH) I found one who would do the X-plan pricing on a GT. They had one with all the options I wanted and the 18" Billets! I drove all day yesterday to go get it (320 miles).

Thank you Jenkins & Wynne Ford of Clarksville, TN! They made my Christmas.

Oh, Thank you to the wife too! (Had to beg for months). The drive down sucked but the trip back was awesome.

On a side note...Does anyone know if the 4-5 hour drive at 70 - 80 mph going to screw up the break in?
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i think you broke it in just fine, the manual says to vary your driving habits for breakin.
There now, isn't it nice to go get your Mustang, instead of waiting 2to 6 months for someone to fill your order...........Congrats, I know your loving it!:thumbup
dealers mech told me that the break in is simply the computer getting used to how you drive the car...for how you are going to drive the car
Thanks for a great group. While deployed to the mideast I spent many a free time reading the forums without joining. [This was one of the few forums that the Comm Censors didn't ban so I didn't want to tip my hand.] Anyway, I ordered my Tungsten Grey vert in July and couldn't wait to get back home. Less than 12 hours after landing in the good old USA, I was piloting my new ride. It was only 60F outside but I still had to drop the top and enjoy the ride. I've owned nothing but Mustangs (V8..of course) my entire adult life and still can't get over how good this new 'Stang is. After only 1 week of driving her, my familiar and venreable 5.0 now suddenly feels archaic (wow it hurts to even admit that).
Welcome to the group. AND thank you for supporting our freedom.
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