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i did it. 10's with a stock 302 n/a

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stock 302 shortblock, it should say..h/c/i car
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10.93 @ 123.84

Awesome. :bigthumbsup
And somehow you would still get called a ******* by some punk ricer..

Awesome time bro!
Wow, that's impressive :bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup Still running QTPs?
Very nice! Is that Cecil County?

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Yep Cecil. Drive the car 150 miles,changed the tires, ran 10.9's, changed the tires and drove it home.

26x11.5x15 QTPs on a 15x8 wheel.
And somehow you would still get called a ******* by some punk ricer..

Awesome time bro!
best run was actually a [email protected] with a 1.49
Very impressive bro

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damn good times congrats.
Nice run Congrats!!!! What does it weigh?....I only wish i could run those times....:worship
:bigthumbsup Nice!!!!!!!!!!
Nice run Joe :worship:worship:worship Now it's time to change that sig again :bigthumbsup
Very impressive. What did you change that dropped you down into the 10s?

How much does that jalopy weigh?
Now the big question is, WHAT'S NEXT? :smartass:

My prediction: 347 and 9s :smoke:
Update that sig son and ........ Great run!!!!!!!

I guess that rebuilt tranny did wonders.

So what did you do new? Raise the shift points?

I see that you busted into the 1.49 60'......what did you do different?
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left at 5300, shift it at 6300..i havent weighed it since i put the aluminum heads and rollbar on, but i estimate it to be somewhere between 2825-2850 with me
i put a temporary exhuast setup on, BBK(ugh) 1.75" headers and 3" borla xr1 bullet mufflers. i also took the passenger seat out and the air was pretty good lol

i just wanted that 10 second slip lol
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thanks. im pretty happy with it lol
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