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I don't know what it is. Who does?

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Hi there,

Today I removed my voltage regulator to put in an original one. (1966 Mustang). On the lower mounting nut, it had a sort of condensator which I unfortunately broke. Does anyone know what it's for and where I can get a replacement.
I am talking about the regulator right between the left inner fender and the radiator. The "condensator" was all rusty and the wire was cracked so the male connector plug broke off.
A few weeks ago, during a mustang meeting in Holland, I saw a thing like that mounted on the backside of an alternator.
Thanks in advance.
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Can you post a pic of it? Even broken, it might help us...
Well, last night I couldn't sleep and I cruised the internet. Looks like the thing I broke was an original Mustang radio noise suppressor.
Does any one of you know where I can get a replacement? I tried to find a parts house who sell them but no luck so far.
These are univarsal in purpose and fitment. Some cars have them on the coil too. Try Radio Shack or browse a salvage yard.
Hello.:) It's purpose is noise suppression.With everything as original, your alternator would cause a hum in radio.The condensor keeps it from doing that.Modern radios have built in noise suppression circuits, but the old ones from the sixties weren't there yet.Hope that helps.:)
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