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Pretty Car ..Congrats & Best Wishes :thumbsup ...just hold off on the "mod" bug for a while or you'll see how quickly it will become an expensive addiction ! :winks
Nice Stang. Congrats
Thanks guys! I can't believe how happy I get when I drive now ;o) I really wanted a manual though. I figured the chance of anyone having a Tung with cloth and IUP was pretty rare though. They gave me 800 off for being an auto so I just had to drive it home!

I also didn't want the spoiler. I had planned on getting the CDC ducktail... so if anyone in So Cal has a Tung without the spoiler and wants to change gimme a call!

I have been looking at mods too. I will have to wait a while for the bank account to recover a little and to break in the car as well ;o) I'd really like some black stripes with a ducktail and CDC louvers. I'd like a tune, CAI and some cat-back magnapacks. That should be plenty for a long time.
The 3dcarbon ducktail covers the drill holes and i think it looks cool. Check it out.:)

Really nice, I like the third and fouth pictures the best, very well done! :eyepoppin
Be carefull about parking directly behind someone else's driveway, I seen wicked things happen :shocked:
Welcome to you and your new ride. Now when your hear something like a stealth bomber roar by you it will be little ole me.:eyepoppin
very nice ride, give it about 2,000 miles before modding it though.

Switching oil to synthetic frees up 7 hp on the dyno using royal purple!
He cant stop driving it!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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