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I got an Internship at a car stereo Installers!

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Im A senior in highschool and i go to a vocational school for half the day (BOCES) and one of the last things we have to do as a senior is go out on an iternship for job related to our field of study. Well after this year (Cisco networking(shoot me)) i decideed being a network tech, my original job goal just wasn't right for me, i hated all the logical BS of Networking. so for our senior projects the techer recomended staying right at our home school and working with our network admins. I had different plans, i have already been accepted to Suny Canton, the college like 5 miles down the road for electrical engineering, so i wasn't planning on using much of my networking "skills" later in life, i talked to my teacher and she said i really hate networking and would like to do my interning elseware, she asked where and all i could think was Northern Music & Video, an audio-video place that also does car installs and repairs to related equipment. she said well fine, good luck with talking to the people we don't have an agreement setup with them through the school and im not doing it. She said i doubt u will be able to get it all together anyway... so i got pissed, im thniking i have to prove her wrong, she did say she would call but i had to manage all the paperwork. she gave me the papaers today after she called, one of the co-owners approved and said he had a plan setup for interns already, from the other BOCES vocational school about 30 minutes away. so i was all good to come. at the end of class she handed me a sheet and i had to have information from Northern music. i also had some legal papers from the school and liability information to do. she saids this is all due back tommorow. :shocked:< yeah that was me...

so i got the stuff all together in a folder and after school i went to potsdam (where northern music is, about 15-20 min drive) and got his signiture and i had gotten 4/6 other signatures from boces principles, parents homeschool admin. and the whole 9 yards. i talked for a couple minutes, the owner told me the game plan and it looks like im going to be getting more of an edgumacation in stereo installs. the first block (a week or 2) i get to intern with the installer and actually help out with some stuff. the second week im helping out in the basement in the repair shop.

im PUMPED. mabe if i do good enough a job will result:bigthumbsup

sorry for the life story, i just had to share to good news

Big Thanks to All the People On All Ford Mustangs That helped Me out with Questions On my car install and all the other pesky Questions i had!:yourock::thanks:
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Congrats on the new gig and your future college plans!
Congrats! That's really cool!
Congrats! I have had many friends who paid their way through college by working in the aftermarket industry by either installing car stereo equipment or doing tinting/detailing/lift kits/lowering/etc.

I think it is most important that you do something you enjoy doing rather than settling on a job to get by.
A big congrats,we are real happy for you!!!!
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