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I got the Itch for a stang again!

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So I just started my new job as a firefighter and I figured I'd look into the mustangs again. Since the last time I ordered my 05, ford couldn't produce it due to no v6 man transmissions and the my color option problems. I went to a ford dealer near me and I saw a 2006 in teflon grey? It was some new grey, like Eleonor it was sweet, and the new grill is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 06 had the mycolor option so I guess it all cleared up? So I'm seriously considering placing an order again real soon for a 2006 v6 5spd in this grey with black stripes and that new grill. I finally got to test drive the manual V6 in an 05 and I must say I was satisfied with it, so I'm not gonna spend more on the v8 right now. They also had about 6 or 7 Roush's and I'm definately going to get the louvers put on the Stang.

Anyway I just thought I'd share my rejuvinated/new found excitement in the mustangs with you guys. Even though I havent posted I've still been stoping by reading some threads :).
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Tungsten Grey

Welcome to the tungsten side... the color you looked at is called Tungsten Grey. I love this color. Some say it has to much purple in it, but I like the way the color changes hues depending on the lighting.
Hope you get the car the way you want it. :winks
Ya know thats what the dealer said, but I didnt see any purple in it at all. I went through the ford site and saw they're still going to offer Legend Lime, I might go with that again, I love that color, its such a classic color, in my opinion, and no one around me really seems to be buying it that it would make my stang that much more special!!

So all I really want is just a standard V6 with the new grill and the 17" rims, racing stripes and the Roush louvers, so I'm going to see if this dealer will do that for me without having to get the Premium and order the whole package. I think they will because they did some grill changes on the 05 V6's. I dont want the spoiler, I'd add a ducktail to it, like a classic or none at all, I'm not much for the spoiler look.
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