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I got to drive a Mustang GT for my wedding day

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I just wanted to share with all of you that I had an extra special wedding day. My wife's dad is a firefighter, and a fellow firefighter owns a 2007 Mustang GT convertable, that he was kind enough to let us use for the day. He also let us drive it for an entire evening a few days before the big day, unsupervised. He just let us have it basically for the evening. My wife and I drove it for a few hours, and we gave our parents rides as well. We really got to feel the car out (especially the acceleration :smilie).

We had the car for the entire day of the wedding from a few hours before the ceremony, all the way up to the reception. The owners picked the car up from the reception hall at the end of the evening. The wedding was wonderful, I got to marry the love of my life, and the day was made extra special by the Mustang. We drove away from the church, and I let the back end slip out a bit as I turned the corner. We also left the wedding party in the dust a few times. We drove to the high school to have some more pictures taken, and I got to press the go pedal on some higher speed roads. And, the school parking lot was fun ;)

I'm not going to lie, I was sad that I had to give it back, but the experience was great. The wedding was in the middle of June, but I still can't get the feeling of driving the Mustang out of my system. I'm afraid I'm hooked for life (but so is my wife! :bigthumbsup)

We got our wedding photos in, so I thought I might post a few of the Mustang shots.


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if i were you...i would of married the mustang
Nice! :bigthumbsup
Well congrats. Beautiful car, beautiful bride. Looks like you had it made!
Great story, and nice pics. You two look good together, particularly when sitting in a Mustang :) Congratulations!
Very Nice Very Nice! and congrats on gettin hitched!
Very cool! You started your marriage off the right way; you made the woman or your dreams fall in love with the car of your dreams.

Great job!
So the Mustang covered the borrowed part of the old tradition.
I trust your bride also had things that were old, new, and blue?
Thanks for all the comments guys. I guess the mustang could have counted for the "borrowed" item, but she had something else for that already. Hopefully, before too long, we will be shopping for our own mustang.
Nice. My wife and I drove off in my mustang after the reception, course the wedding party decorated my car. Took a while to properly clean all the stuff off of it.
You shoulda kept the car. It'll cost you a lot less in the long run.:kooky:
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