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so i did some looking and saw alot of could be fresh oil towards the rear of the engine like the last header on the driver side i removed the pcv valve and came out like butter... like it wasn't even in so it could have been like this for almost 3 years, the valve appears to be in good condition i rattle it and it sounds good, i took out the screen which also came out very easy, and it does look somewhat gunky so napa was closed by the time i got around to it, i will be replacing it tomorrow hopefully i also read some other forums about putting electrical tape around the plastic garmet to hold it in there better so i did that, i put the valve back in and left the screen out for now... and the car runs a little better with the screen out, i also noticed a fresh drip on the bolt of my oil pan... As for my power loss.. it just started like yesterday, idk if my cats are clogged and there is a little white smoke that comes out the tail pipe after acc and it smells like gas... so here are the main ?

1. what is an easy way of telling if my cats are clogged? the power loss isnt too bad, it actually feels like im driving with the E-brake on, is there another common thing can occur which feels like that? like the pads being stuck on the rotor or something?

2. someone also suggested i should change my oil pan gasket is that a simple thing to do?

3. Is there a trick to changing the pcv valve hose? i ask because it runs into that small tunnel above the fuel injectors and it appears like i would have to take off the upper manifold just to change it

4. what else do you suggest? thanks
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