Carbon-fiber, twin turbos, 600+ hp, less than 3,000 lbs to lug around, and an astronomical price tag; this my friends is the recipe for unobtainium.  

So imagine my surprise when I strolled up to the Ruby Red GT on display here at the 2017 North American International Auto Show and Ford's Global Performance Vehicle Chief Engineer, Jamal Hameedi, was on hand and offered the few of us--who happened to be in the right place at the right time--a very rare opportunity to sit inside the $400,000 supercar.

Right off the bat the obvious smacks you in the face, this thing was built for speed and only speed. Ingress and egress is a nightmare even for my lithe, 5'7" frame. To get into the drivers side, hold onto the steering wheel and slide your hips in, carefully dipping your head to avoid the chest high roof. For passengers, the pain is even worse, with no steering wheel to grab onto you're left doing your best impression of a contortionist as you drop yourself into the heavily bolstered bucket, hoping your glutes land in the right place.

The dash is a thin strip running across the horizon featuring a small center screen displaying only essential information, to the left you'll find the HVAC controls, and below you'll find the burnt orange start button and the gear selection Rolodex.

Everything else can be found on the steering wheel, twin knobs on the steering wheel control drive mode selection on the left and windshield wipers on the right. Above them you will find a button for highbeams and another for washer fluid, below are turn signal buttons in place of the traditional stalk. Even further down the wheel is a cadre of audio and bluetooth controls; Ford obviously never, ever, wants you to take your hands off the wheel.

Nothing is superfluous in the spartan but spectacular interior, just about every touch point is either made from carbon fiber or swathed in alcantara. The double stacked vents live in the door panels on either side, and even the door hinges are milled from a single piece of aluminum.

That will probably be the extent of my time in the GT's cockpit, but I don't care. Ford and Multimatic have built one incredible product that will not only help elevate the perception of the brand globally, but also hopefully float the level of engineering across the board moving forward.