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I love my mustang wife

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When I first got my 05GT my wife liked the way it looked but hated driving in it. She said it was loud and drove like a truck. Of course she was comparing it to her Caddy CTS with the sport suspension, which is a nice driving car.

Its been a couple of years now and I have changed the car by using Tokico D-specs, set on full soft for the street, and BMR variable rate lowering springs. These springs give a fairly compliant ride for the first inch of travel and then get stiffer. I have driven in open track events with this suspension and after setting the D-specs to a higher setting and adjusting my sway bar stiffer Im happy with the way it handles on the track. I also change the front brake pads and use a set of Azenis RT 615 tires.

The other mod I did was to line the trunk and under the rear seat with Dynamat which got rid of the booming sound from the rear of the car. That added a little weight, but is worth it for a daily driver.

Last weekend we took my Mustang on a road trip cause I wanted to show off the Techco I just installed. I was shocked when my wife said that she really liked the car. It didnt have that slapping, jarring jolt, over the small bumps and was much quieter then the last time she drove in it. I told her all the things that was done to make it drive like that. She was impressed, I was shocked. To further make my day she offered to buy me a GT 500 hood for a combo fathers day/birthday present. What a woman...

Found an original aluminum hood on Ebay for $500. Just have to go get it and have it painted...

The moral to this story is as long as your not going racing full time with your car, keep in mind that your other half will drive in it from time to time....She will enjoy it more if there is a degree of civility, hate to use the luxury word, in your car. I enjoy it more also as I have gotten a bit older. Oh yea She got a big smile on her face when I pulled 7psi of boost getting on the highway from the on too.....GA :)
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I don't even say the word Mustang around my wife. It's not a popular topic in my house these days. :so
Tha's awesome and congrats on the new hood!
I love my BMR springs as well and think they're very well mannered.

My wife is a Stanger through and through just like me and loves the visceral experience you get while driving it.


what a great word......:bigthumbsup

what a great word......:bigthumbsup

It's much more forum friendly than the "Holy %*#@!" experience that visceral implies.

Yeah... I'm not allowed to mention the car around the lady. I met my current girlfriend when I already had my Mustang and now any mention of going into the garage is met with valid jealousy.
My wife loves my car and knows that I love my car too. She has even told me she would hate to see me have to sell the car. She's told me that she would never even suggest to me to sell the car. My wife drove a '92 GT before we got married, then the accident happened and then she got into her FiveHundred. I keep telling her one day she'll have her own stang again, but she likes the '99-04 style in dark red.

I just have no legs to stand on when it comes to modding since we barely get by as it is right now.
great stories.... I don't know if my wife "loves" my Mustang.. but after years of gawking at everyone,,and telling her what was "wrong" with every other car I looked at she agreed to the "Stang. Once she accompanied me for a test drive, and she "picked" the color ( dark candy apple red) she is becoming more enthusiastic by the day!!
My Corvette wife makes fun of I quit washing her car. :bigthumbsup
My fiance supports me and my love for my Mustangs, but he gets tired of hearing "blah blah blah MustangMustangMustangMustang blah blah blah" (or so he says) all the time. :headscratch:

We all know which one I'd get rid of first if I had to choose... :shigrin The Mustangs don't make a mess out of my house, except for when I have to-be-installed parts laying around. He got mad at me yesterday because the box my lowering springs are in was 'in his way'. I put it as far out of his way as possible, I promise! Not my fault a 30lb+ box wasn't far enough out of his way. I am only 5'3" 110lbs, so that damn thing is hard for me to lift! It's half my size on its end!

So there you go, guys. Us women 'Stangers feel your pain when it comes to the significant other who would like to set fire to your car before they hear the word "Mustang" again. :so

Oh, and before any of you get confused by my use of the word 'he' when I refer to my fiance, please read the very specific red letters in my signature. :shiny:
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I kid my wife about she "thinking" she is a Mustang person. She still calls her long gone '74 Mistake II Gia 4banger a Mustang, so I let her.

Why do I not kid her about that old car, you ask? Cuz last summer when I was in the market for a new car, she said "Why don't you get yourself another Mustang? After all you've gone without one for twenty years."

Needless to say, I was through the door in the middle of "After all..." having already located my used w/7300 Mi 2007 Redfire GT the previous day and wondering how to convince her.

Uh, wait ... hold on. Oh, I just found out she wants to get herself a Mustang droptop. Well, what the hell, I guess we will soon have two Mustangs.
had a long talk about my cars with my girl.... I don't mention it, and she doesn't hold out on me. quite unnecessary.

I forsee the agreement having a change when i start ordering parts again
She sounds like a keeper.:bigthumbsup

My wife doesn't like to ride for too long in my car either. She has a bad back and it bothers her after a while. I once mentioned how I thought the ride was smoother than I expected. She countered with the fact I drive a pickup truck every day, not a luxury car.
I just bought my wife her OWN Stang lol
i`m lucky too. my chevy born g/f liked mine so much she decided to find her one a little nicer than mine for herself. and she bought the color i wanted:so( so i made mine faster) and she has no problems with me souping mine up. she says" well, you could have worse habbits". i love this girl :D
My wife had '67 and '69 Mustangs way back in the day. When we were talking about replacing her GMC Jimmy with a "fun" car (she started working from home and so no longer needs a vehicle capable of winter commuting), a Mustang was her suggestion - I'd never owned one before, mostly because back when I was young and stupid, I knew I'd get too many tickets driving a Mustang (if I was lucky) or wrap it around a tree (if I wasn't). Hmmm, maybe I wasn't so stupid after all. :scratchchin Anyway, our '07 is technically her Mustang (having replaced her Jimmy), but I get 98% of the stick time with it, as I commute to work in it every week or two on sunny days. :D
ha... I am the wife, and I own the Mustang. My husband has no problem with my love of the Mustang. I did take his advice on the color when I ordered it....but the rest of it was my idea.
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