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I made it into the 13s!!!!!!

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Well . . . it was a long LONG night . . . but I finally made it into the 13s!!!!

Thanks to all of you who gave me burnout advice . . . that's how I finally got it to hook.

Here are the details:

60 foot 2.052
1/8 mile 8.983 @ 77.43
1/4 mile 13.985 @98.82 mph

I also had a low 14s run at 99.7 mph. By the time I got into the 13s (track got stickier and my burnouts were longer) . . the car was running a bit hot. I'm looking forward to running with the Snow kit next week. :eyepoppin
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Hell ya dude, practice makes perfect... That Methanol kit may put you in the 12s...
My stock battery is about to die out and I'm considering buying a battery box and relocating it to the trunk for the new battery. I've heard people have had great results with wieght transfer. You may also want to consider this in the future. I've been looking at the UPR box here's a link if interested: So, are the new heads on the car yet? I can't wait to see how fast it will be with the Methenol injection and new heads. Be sure to tell us all about the beast.
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