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I made it into the 13s!!!!!!

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Well . . . it was a long LONG night . . . but I finally made it into the 13s!!!!

Thanks to all of you who gave me burnout advice . . . that's how I finally got it to hook.

Here are the details:

60 foot 2.052
1/8 mile 8.983 @ 77.43
1/4 mile 13.985 @98.82 mph

I also had a low 14s run at 99.7 mph. By the time I got into the 13s (track got stickier and my burnouts were longer) . . the car was running a bit hot. I'm looking forward to running with the Snow kit next week. :eyepoppin
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So, tell us more about the 427 project? Is it a bored/stroked 351W or is it a real 427 biggin' block? Very curious either way what your plans are. Good luck on the 12's first. Then, on 11's. One step at a time. :) Awesome to watch your progress and projects. Send more pics too.
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