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I made it into the 13s!!!!!!

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Well . . . it was a long LONG night . . . but I finally made it into the 13s!!!!

Thanks to all of you who gave me burnout advice . . . that's how I finally got it to hook.

Here are the details:

60 foot 2.052
1/8 mile 8.983 @ 77.43
1/4 mile 13.985 @98.82 mph

I also had a low 14s run at 99.7 mph. By the time I got into the 13s (track got stickier and my burnouts were longer) . . the car was running a bit hot. I'm looking forward to running with the Snow kit next week. :eyepoppin
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It was a gas!!! Thanks again for the burnout advice. The only downside was that the run that I hit the 13s . . I got beat by a Bentley . . . yes . . . a Bentley. 2004 Continental GT 12 cyl turbo 550hp . . he ran a 13.45!

I'll be lookin for him when I get my Snow kit!!!!:winks
By the way . . . for those who are interested . . here is a comparison of what my car ran stock and what it runs now:


60ft 2.703 2.052

1/8 10.311 @ 72.347 8.983 @ 77.43

1/4 15.766 @ 90.764 13.985 @ 98.82

So . . . 60 foot time improved by .651 seconds, 1/8 improved by 1.328 seconds and 5.083 MPH, 1/4 improved by 1.781 seconds and 8.056 MPH.

I picked up the most improvement in the first half of the track. So, I am betting that the addition of the Snow Methanol/Water Boost Cooler and the shift light will improve the back half of the track.

If I can get the same gains from the second 1/8 that I get from the first 1/8, that will put me at 13.11 in the 1/4. Not sure if this little formula works, but we'll see this Friday!!!
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Yep . . .control arms, sub frame connectors, and a roll bar are on the way.

As far as altitude, I think its around 2,500.
I'm eventually going to relocate my battery, too. BUT . . I need to use the Moroso box because, as far as I know, its the only one that is NHRA legal. I will also need an external kill switch on the back of the car in order to run it at the track.

The car is in the shop right now . . . heads are going in on Monday, along with 1.7 ratio stainless roller rockers, hardened pushrods, the water/meth injection, a line lock, a shift light, an oil breather tank, and maybe an intake.

While I would like to put a nice intake on it, it would be a throw away because it won't fit the 427 . . . so . . if I do an intake, its likely to be a used Explorer intake because I plan on starting on the 427 next month or, at the latest, in November.

I will be going to the track on Friday and I'll post new numbers either Friday night or Saturday morning. I fully expect to be deep into the 12s and maybe even in the high 11s. After all, I broke into the 13s with a blown head gasket on a slower track!! lol

Adding up the horespower numbers, conservatively, I get 60hp from the water/meth kit, another 40 from running nitro-methane additive, and maybe 50 from the heads (I've seen reports of over 100 from AFR 185s on a stock motor ), I'm looking at at least another 150hp . . . and maybe as much as 200-210 at the crank. (I'll have numbers from the Mustang Dyno before I go to the track)

Again, the 150 is a very conservative number, but even with that number I'll be knocking on the door of 11s.

I may get sent home for running too fast without a roll bar, but the roll bar install is scheduled for early October. Fun Ford Weekend is coming October 29th and 30th and I want to compete in Open Class and Fast Ford, as well as True Street . . . so I'll need the NHRA approved roll bar (its at a different track). I may opt to just do the full 8 point cage as I know I will need it when the new motor goes in.

Now . . what was that about a battery?? :winks
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Hey Chris:

The 427 build up is going to be based on a World Products Man o War 351 block that is bored and stroked to 427. They are doing a similar buildup in Mustang Enthusiast Magazine. I'm getting the 427 short block set from World which includes the block, a forged crank, forged Mahle pistons, yada yada. The short block does not include a cam . . . so I'm going to have to do some research as far as what cam is going to work best.

For the heads, I'm going with AFR. Because this is my street car, I will likely stick with the AFR 205s . . . although the 225s are not out of the question. I haven't yet decided what kind of intake I will use, but it is going to have to flow enough for the larger displacement.

My supercharger will either need an impeller upgrade, or I will have to do Vortech's trade in program. I figure on running some pretty heavy boost. It is not outside the realm of possibility that I will switch to a twin turbo set up. But, I will likely just stick with the blower.

Most importantly . . I need to find emblems for the sides of the car that say "427 SUPERCHARGED" :eyepoppin
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