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I must vent my anger...looking for moral Support..

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Ok if you look in my sig youll see roush spoiler and louvers...well I got them in...yay...right...nope, the middle section was damaged so roush sent me another...yay right...nope...took them to the body shop here on base, went to pick them up today and wanted to cry..:( :(

Every single piece had huge nipple like drips and so much sand and dust in the paint and clearcoat!!!! They looked absolutly horrible:sterb: No amount of wet sanding would get rid of that Sh!T. He said he would try to reshoot them, but i didnt want it to happen again, so i took my parts and ran.

Now i am gonna go to a more professional body shop and hope they dont [email protected]#$ it up. but now i probably have to pay more to have to paint removed. IM SO MAD I COULD SPIT NAILS. I must go before i break my computer or something. Any comments to help calm my nerves would be helpful.

Hey look on the bright side, at least I didnt wreck my car on the way to the body shop :laughlitt AGGGGHHHHHHRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Words That Ring True...more today than ever!!

Long after the sweet taste of low price fades...the bitter taste of shoddy workmanship will don't always get what you pay for...but there is no free lunch...nor free beer to wash it down...don't let this lesson be wasted, grasshopper...oh...wait...I think I got carried away again....
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