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How's this for moral support. I ordered the 3d carbon racer body kit in April when I bought my white GT. It just now arrived, the dealership painted it and had a specialist come in to install it.

Get this..... the body kit is painted the wrong color of white! ( a Ford dealership got the color wrongf on their own car?)

The installer new it was the wrong color and installled it anyway, and did a really crappy install. The thing is made out of urethane and is very flexible, needless to say it does not fit right out of the box, or else they deformed it during the paint process. it needs some TLC to get it to hug tight in all places. And now a custom color shop wants $7000 from the Ford dealer to repaint and reinstall the kit.

The dealership is wanting his guys to repaint it again and then the custom shop will charge $2200 to reinstall the kit. (of which he is hinting I pay part of???)

I am about ready to can the whole thing and ask for a refund, but i really like the kit alot!

I can't decide what to do....I know it will look good when they are finished or else I will put my old bumpers on and go home w/ a full refund (yeah right)

I have a feeling this will get ugly before it gets finished.
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