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BLUF: Can I get stock part numbers for a pressure plate, bolts, disc, pilot bearing for a stock '12 GT and/or Boss from someone here?

Long version:

I have a '12 GT that I'd like to have a clutch ready to install when my current begins to fail, but the options are staggering. The difference in prices, both between manufacturers and sellers isn't what I was expecting either.

As far as I know, the engine is stock with no tune, and I don't know how to tell if it has a tune. The air filter is stock, so I'm running on the assumption of stock tune and power. At any rate, it gets driven like a stock vehicle: 100% street, daily driver with distant plans for MAYBE an occasional autocross weekend.

The clutch is presumably not a stock clutch as, when I took it in for an oil change to maintain the warranty, the service writer complimented the feel of the clutch but that's all I have to go off of.

All that being said, I think I'm looking for a stock or stock like clutch. I can't find part numbers for that, though. My maintenance manual I have, an E-bay selection, simply lists four digit part numbers (7563 - Pressure plate) so that hasn't been a help to me.

I read on this forum (Clicky)that a Boss 302 clutch was an upgrade at a reasonable price and that sounds great to me but, again, I'm having a hard time finding part numbers.

While I'd like to have the part numbers to start looking for bargains while I have the time, I'm also open to critiques of my plan here.

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts on the matter!
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